eCom Inner Circle and GDW Inc. Present:
To Canton or NOT to Canton, That is the Question… Why I DON’T Go to Canton to Source and Why You Shouldn’t Either (And Other Useful Sourcing Nuggets...)

Jeff Vacek

CMO of GDW Inc. & eCom Inner Circle

Alan Basinger

CEO and Founder of GDW Inc. & eCom Inner Circle
What You're Going To Learn On This Webinar:
Why I DON'T Go To Canton
I don't go to Canton to source direct and I'll share why you shouldn't go there either.
The BEST Place To Source In China
There's only one place that I recommend people source (whether physically or not).
Save 30-40% On Your Product Costs
This one simple tweak will help you save 30-40% on product costs. Don't miss this!
BONUS 1: You'll hear Alan answer every question posted by your peers with NOTHING held back
BONUS 2: We brought on 2 VERY special guests you'll want to hear talk about their specific sourcing experience
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